The Transformational Leadership training course is designed to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills required for their challenging roles. This seminar enables leaders to critically explore the key skills needed to lead at a time when the global economy is experiencing an economic downturn that is having a major impact on all industries and all organizations.

CIPD’s experiential Transformational Leadership training course will cover the critical competencies necessary for effective leadership. The training runs a 5-day Leadership Master Class and participants will leave engaged, energized, and inspired. However, CIPD with the assistance of the organization will customize the Transformational Leadership training to meet the expectations of the core values of the organization.

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The Transformational Leadership training program will focus on the following modules:

Module 1: Competency 1 – Transformational Leadership Skills (Core Principles)

  • Introduction to leadership.
  • The timeless leadership principles.
  • The five myths of leadership.
  • The difference between Transformational Leadership and Management.
  • Competencies of great leaders and the five key roles of leaders.
  • Leading younger generations and the challenges of the current leadership.

Module 2: Competency 2 – Leadership Communication Skills

  • Overcoming common communication barriers.
  • Comprehend the essence and nature of the interpersonal process.
  • Introducing active listening and body language explained.
  • Effective face-to-face communication.
  • Understanding communication styles and cross-cultural communication.
  • Impactful presentations delivery
  • Productive conflict and negotiation skills.

Module 3: Competency 3 – Team Building and Leading

  • Building an effective team and understanding traditional workgroups.
  • Classification of teams.
  • Stages of the team’s development process.
  • Business model canvas.
  • Enhancing team creativity and mentoring.
  • Team decision-making and problem-solving.

Module 4: Competency 4 – Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Leaders

  • EI Competences.
  • Understanding your emotions as a Leader.
  • The Integrity Model.
  • Dealing with ‘difficult’ people – genuine self-management and self-discipline.
  • Important and urgent classifications and differences.
  • Win-Win thinking for self-mastery enhancement personal power.
  • Ways to improve your EI using a systematic method for personal enhancement plan development.

Module 5: Competency 5 – Leading Change for Performance Excellence

  • The key drivers of change today.
  • Motivational Principles and the differences between commitment and compliance motivation.
  • The positive discipline strategies usage.
  • The elements of empowerment and coaching your team for success.
  • Situational leadership model and best practice in change leadership.
  • Supporting and leading employees through change.


Date: 24th April – 28th April 2023      

In-house date: suggested by the organization.  

Days: 5 (Mon – Fri) Time: 9 am – 3 pm