Microsoft certification is available for desktop applications and technical products/technology.

To become Microsoft certified you must pass the authorized exam(s). The best way to prepare for a certification exam is with hands-on experience with the technology. CIPD is a Microsoft  Learning Partner. We have been helping students prep for certification since Microsoft first introduced their professional certifications. We are here to help you become the professional you want to be.

An MOS certification demonstrates that you have the skills needed to get the most out of a specific software program within the suite of Microsoft Office. MOS certification is available for most Microsoft Office products including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and so on.

MTA is an entry-level Microsoft certification that validates the fundamental knowledge of those new to IT who need to start building a career in Microsoft technologies. With a modest investment of time and resources, candidates can build foundational understanding in the areas of IT Infrastructure, Database or Development and earn a professional certification.

A possible next step after earning MTA is MCSA, however, MTA is not a required prerequisite for MCSA certification.

MCSA certification proves that you have the core technical skills required to build a sustainable career in IT. MCSA certification is a required prerequisite for the expert-level MCSE and MCSD certifications.

Microsoft has greatly streamlined their technical-level certification requirements. Now you can earn most MCSA certifications by passing two exams. Pass one more exam from there to earn the premiere MCSE or MCSD (for developers) certification.

These shortened certification paths make it easier than ever to earn Microsoft certification!

MCSE is an expert-level credential for IT Professionals. Holding it proves your ability to build, manage and administer innovative cloud and on-premises solutions across multiple technologies. You must earn an appropriate MCSA level certification before you can become an MCSE. The best way to prepare for a certification exam is with hands-on experience with the technology.  Study with us today.